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APRIL 20 24, 2014


Upcoming Events

Easter Holiday: Sacred Healing
04/17/2014 to 04/21/2014
Enjoy the lush and gorgeous spring during Easter and learn to connect to Nature and your own Health with the inspirational talks and music of high minded teachers on Sacred Healing.

Memorial Day: Yoga of Sound & Voice
05/22/2014 to 05/26/2014
A magical weekend with two great female artists, Hasu Patel and Silvia Nakkach, composers and authors whose dedication to their musical arts infuses their performances with sacredness. They will be accompanied by Joss Jaffe on tablas.

Five Layers of Healing through Yoga, Ayu
05/02/2014 to 05/04/2014
An understanding of the Upanishadic theories on the five layers and their relevance in Yoga and Ayurveda Understanding the health paradigm through Yoga and Ayurveda with special reference to the pancha maya kosha and the chakra system. Practical applications of this Understanding.

Blazing Wisdom with Tulku Sherdor
05/09/2014 to 05/11/2014
In this two day retreat, Tulku, with his powerful words and insights, will guide you - from beginners to advanced - through the mysteries of your mind and help you to develop deeper realization.

Yoga Nidra Course
04/20/2014 to 04/24/2014
Yoga Nidra is the art of conscious relaxation. You will learn techniques which will allow you to reach new states of conscious awareness with acute perception and awareness.

Sadhana Intensive
06/15/2014 to 06/29/2014
Sadhana Intensive is a two-week program devised by Swami Vishnudevananda based on his own hatha yoga sadhana in the Himalayas. He said that six months of this intensive practice gave him the energy to carry out his mission of spreading the teachings of yoga in the West for next 40 years.

Vedic Ecology
04/20/2014 to 04/25/2014
The ecological knowledge that is crucial to the survival of humanity in this century is not only emerging from contemporary science, but is also an integral part of traditional wisdom in many cultures around the world, including the ancient Vedic tradition of India.

4th of July: 15th Annual Vedic Astrology
07/03/2014 to 07/07/2014
Annual Vedic Astrology conference with some of the most famous astrologers around.

Vaastu Course with Niranjan Babu
09/01/2014 to 09/04/2014
Understanding principles of the structure of our Universe is understanding yourself. Science by now already knows that we are more than 99% "empty" space. We are made of atoms and atoms are composed of protons, neutrons, electrons, and "empty" space. This is what science is saying but ancient Vedic scriptures like Vaastu Shastra saying that space is not empty but filled with the subtle energy.

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