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The Whys and Hows of Yoga Teachers Training Course the Sivananda way



The Whys and Hows of Yoga Teachers Training Course the Sivananda way!

Q. Why get up at 5:30am ? A. Because it is the best time for meditation at sunrise. It represents the rise of Light, of Knowledge and the Awakening from darkness . It forces us out of tamas, depression, and turns our life around, holding life at the right end of it and not being victim to circumstances. Early morning meditation before starting the day is a foot in the right direction for a Healthy Lifestyle . 30 days of this regime will equip you with this new habit which has the capacity to turn your life around.

Q. Why chant Sanskrit mantras? A. Sanskrit mantras vibrate at a high , pure energy wavelength as Sanskrit alphabets and sounds resonate in our subtle body and shakes off all negativities and blockages. It is cleansing, detoxifying,  healing and a form of Sound Therapy!

Q . Why this rigorous daily schedule? A. Yoga is Life and Life is Yoga. Master Sivananda taught the Synthesis of Yoga, combining the different classical Yoga methods for a Balance Life and Peace of Mind. The schedule is busy, but busy with good and positive things such as meditation, Yoga asana classes, pranayama , relaxation techniques, teaching instructions, vegetarian meals, scriptural study, (Bhagavad Gita) , Yoga Philosophy (Vedanta). We get to experience all day long new thoughts and get out of our habitual thoughts. This is helping us to create self discipline and balance our energies and forces us to live in the solid present , instead of wallowing the past or projecting on the future. The NOW can be attained by a concentrated state of mind.

Q. Why immersion course for so long? A. This is why Sivananda Yoga TTC is so popular, it is because it is serious and demands from us commitment. Sivananda Yoga TTC is a month long practice of wholisitic Yoga (holistic Yoga) experiencing Yoga as Body-Mind-Spirit Union. Only then true transformation and Self growth has a chance to appear . If we are learning Yoga techniques along side our life like a week end course for example, we will always pick and choose what we are going to learn and will not be able to experience the wholesomeness of Yoga Life where one element of life influences the other , for example if we are positive and emotionally felt supported by the group- the sangha- , the spiritual community, we will feel more confirmed in our spiritual and lifestyle choices which will lead to Health and Peace.


Q. Community life, collective practice of Yoga. Why mixing people of different countries, age groups and levels of fitness together in the same group? A. Students are not only being exposed to diverse cultures, diverse levels of physical fitness but also to diverse personalities and religions, and diverse levels of mental and spiritual fitness. This is the way to find Unity in Diversity, to find the commonness among differences, increase tolerance, love of humanity as a whole and avoid sectarianism and partisan spirit. Respecting our differences, we learn to adapt , adjust, accommodate, and thus can not be confirmed in our false beliefs and self images, rather reach out to our core Self that is the Truth in all. This is the essence of the teachings of all religions.

Q. Why so much emphasis on Gurus? A. A Guru is not a person, it is a person who embodies the Awakening of Knowledge which will dispel darkness of our ignorance. A Guru represents our own higher Self. Contact with Guru will help us to be inspired for our own Freedom. This classical teaching is based on the universal teaching of Yogic Wisdom tradition. It is called the Gurukula, coming together and sharing under the common roof of the Guru, an enlightened sage. In this way, we remain in awareness . There is no better way to keep being Aware and keep being Strong than to keep connection with Consciousness itself , reflected outside us and seen as the Gurus but felt within. Through the connection with Consciousness, consciousness will be awakened and thus the transmission of knowledge. Being a Yoga teacher is not being a preacher or a technician , but being a total Being sharing Joy and Love with others.

There is no end to the list of why? It is sufficient to know that it is a time tested system, with more than 25,000 trainees up to today, and it is coming out from the Heart of Love of Selflessness of a great Humanitarian Yogi, Swami Vishnu-devananda and his own medical doctor Master, Swami Sivananda. It is not a business venture and all teachers are fervent selfless practitioners, following themselves the discipline, a rare thing indeed in the world of today. We invite you to share in this venture for Peace . The Yoga therapy here is not just physical therapy but the collective Yoga Therapy for a Healthy Mind, a Healthy World and Healthy Environment in a Healthy Spirit. Om shanti- shanti-shanti

Swami Sitaramananda

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