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TTC Testimonials


The Sivananda yoga teacher training courses is primarily a classical Yoga spiritual development course, carefully developed by Swami Vishnu-devananda. This course is meant to be intensive, immersing the students in a day long balanced program of theory and practices. The students come from different backgrounds and cultures and live harmoniously together in a spiritual community under the guidance of teachers.

This model is a traditional system of education named "Gurukula" where teachings are transmitted and practiced in daily life. It is not just an academic teaching of techniques, separated from life.

The group energy is very high added to the pure atmosphere of an ashram.

In keeping with this ancient Yoga tradition, spiritual practices such as daily adherence to discipline, meditation, sanskrit mantra chanting, Hindu gods and goddesses, ceremonial worships such as puja, strict vegetarianism, selfless service and study of philosophy constitute a large part of this program.

Students Testimonies:

It will take me years to digest everything I learned and experienced here. The TTC has awakened some kind of spiritual health thermometer inside me. After returning to usual life after the course, I still feel the pull of some of my old habits and sometimes I do repeat some of my old mistakes. But its not the same. I can feel in my body that my energy is off, for example, after getting involved in a petty arguement. That feeling si new. Much of my hapitual laziness has also disappeared. I am very grateful to all of the swamis and teachers for giving life to the ashram and I look forward to returning for ATTC.

- Satya (June, 2012)

"The course was a lot more intense than I thought it was going to be. The schedule was tight wth a lot of activities, lessons and asanas. After settling in, I adapted to the days and really enjoyed all that we did. I could feel straight away that Swami Sita and the staff and the Ashram were very special. The energy was high with enabled me to absorb a huge amount of information and live happily for the month. Each day held jewels which have enriched me, challenged me and made me wake up to my Self. That is a beautiful place to be and a powerful tool to have in life. I will be continuing my studies with Sivananda in the future"

-Kelly (Radha), England, TTC 2006 " A lot has changed within me during this wonderful month. Not only has my personal practice of the asanas improved tremendously, but I've also learned priceless information of how to live my life. I've learned a healthier way to treat, feed and look at my body. I've learned skills to keep all my thoughts positive. The month was long and rough, but it has been a valuable experience that I'm blessed to have taken part in."

-Danielle, California

"The TTC was one of the most important journeys I've chosen so far. I learned more than I knew was available to me, and I'm well supporte in taking steps in teaching (which is really a lot more learning in disguise!) The ashram is a safe place to immerse one's self in the self, and by in the company of amazing people that truly make a difference in the world"

-Anandi, Texas "I never learned so much in such a short period of time. I know that my life and the way I think has changed and I have gained an idea of what life is about. It feels like a push in the right direction. From day to day you could see how the students looked brighter and brighter."

-Eva, Germany

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