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Yoga Life

Yoga Life is deeply connected to Mother Nature. The Yoga Farm is located on 80 acres of beautiful land with meadows creeks and ponds, landmark oak trees, and a variety of domesticated and wild animals. These resources provide great possibilities to move closer to full sustainability through expanding our already large food forest, organic vegetable garden, and well water and solar power systems.

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Permaculture Design 

Certificate Courses in collaboration with MidWest Permaculture, as well as Permaculture Hands-On Work Retreats. Urban residents find immense rejuvenation and joy from working on the land and communing with the animals on the Yoga Farm.

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Caring for the Earth

The Yoga Farm believes that healthy minds connected to the Divine contribute to a healthy planet. Part of the Yoga Farm's mission is to promote individual peace and world peace for a healthy planet. To this end, the Yoga Farm invites you to join us by participating in our online Mantra Bank for Peace. Help be the change you want to see in the world by sending your good intentions, hopes, and prayers. We will include them in our daily chant for the realization of peace and happiness for all beings on Earth.

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Permaculture Courses

Permaculture Design Certification Course

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