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Special Holidays

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While every day at the Yoga Farm is special, some are extra special! The Yoga Farm commemorates the holidays by inviting special guests to come share their talents and teachings in honor of the day.

Holidays Symposiums 

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Spiritual Celebrations 2013

The Yoga Farm hosts many Special Guests throughout the year. They are some of the most accomplished teachers in Yogic Sciences, Ayurveda, Kirtan, and Creative & Performing Arts.

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Special Music & Arts Guests

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Special Guest Teachers

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We welcome you to come enjoy one of these Holidays or Special Events and feel the peace and tranquility that visitors to the Yoga Farm have experienced for more then 40 years.


Special Holidays Courses

Concert with Chakrapani Singh

Labor Day - 2nd Annual Vedic Knowledge Integration Forum

Thanksgiving Retreat: Yoga Inner and Outer Peace and Spiritual Activism

Holiday and New Years Program on Spiritual Joy

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