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Swami Sitaramannada just finished a 10 day visit to China and Japan.

Here are photos from the 6-days visit to Japan.


Introduction | Vietnam | Thailand | Japan | Taiwan | China


This page is to help consolodate all the various Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centers in Asia under one umbrella page that links to all the different centers and locations.


Vietnam has TTC taking place every year since 2010.  There are now city centers in Hochiminh City and Dalat and an affiliated center in Hanoi.  In addition other courses such as Ayurveda and Yoga Certification and Ayurveda Detoxification courses are offered.

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Thailand TTC also has been taking place every year for many years now.

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Sivananda Yoga has a long history with Japan and the Japanese students.  Swami Sita has been visiting Japn to give programs there for more then 10 years.  Japanese student often come to the different ashram around the world for yoga retreats and teacher training.  Many Japanese students have been trained in Vietnam, Thailand, India, and California.  Japan TTC took place for the first time in 2013.  There is a thriving city center in Tokyo.

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Photos - From Swami Sitaramananda recent September 2014 visit to Japan

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Taiwan TTC too place for the first time in Dec. 2013.

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The first official program will take place in September 2014.  A two-day program in a temple in Cheng-du.

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Photos - Photo summary from the retreat

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