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Arrival: Wednesday, November 21
Departure: Sunday, November 25, 2012

Tuition: $120

Accommodation options for the 4 night stay, per person:
Tent - $200
Dorm (4 person) - $260
Cabin (2 person) - $340
Cabin (1 person) - $560
Deluxe Shared (3 person) - $380
Deluxe Shared (2 person) - $480
Deluxe Cabin (1 person) - $780

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Dates given are when you should plan to arrive and leave and may not be actual dates of instruction. All deposits and payments are non-refundable.

Thanksgiving: Yoga Psychology Symposium

Wednesday, November 21—Sunday, November 25, 2012
Edwin F. Bryant (Adwaita das) • Dr. Fred Luskin • Patrick Marius Koga, MD, MPH • Dr. Rami Bleckt • Habib Khan • Swami Sitaramananda •

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Symposium Summary

Learn about the main causes of suffering and ways to regain peace by understanding how the mind works and projects illusions.  Join discussions on the Raja yoga sutras of Patanjali Maharishi which are the oldest psychological thesis of mankind. 

Other discussions will center around the psychology of forgiveness and trauma. 

Also enjoy the masterful sitar concert of Pandit Habib Khan.

Here is the detailed schedule of events.

Arrival and Departure

Arrive: November 21st - check-in 2pm

Depart: November 25th - check-out at 12noon

We recommend that you spend at least a few days at the Yoga Farm before the start of your course. This allows your body and mind to rest, re-energize and be nourished bu the ashram environment.

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What to Bring

slip on shoes, loose comfortable Yoga clothing, writing materials, meditation shawl or blanket, yoga mat, flashlight.

All books and materials are available in our boutique.


To reserve a place for this course, please register online or email Then please call to give us your credit card deposit and confirm your reservation.

A deposit paying for your first night's stay is required for your reservation. Please note that in case of cancellation, no refund will be given. A credit note for other programs at the Yoga Farm (valid for one year) will be given.


$120 --- Full Tuition
$65 ----- Day Cost
$20 ----- Individual Workshop 
$20 ---- Saturday evening Concert

Accommodations costs are separate. See rates below.

Tuition Discounts

TTC graduates 10%

Seniors (60+) 10%

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Presented by

Edwin F. Bryant (Adwaita das)About Edwin F. Bryant (Adwaita das)
Edwin Bryant received his Ph.D in Indic languages and Cultures from Columbia University. He taught Hinduism at Harvard University for three years, and is presently the professor of Hinduism at Rutgers University where he teaches courses on Hindu philosophy and religion. He has received numerous awards and fellowships, published six books and authored a number of articles on Vedic history, yoga, and the Krishna tradition. In addition to his academic work for the scholarly community, Edwin's Penguin World Classics translation of the Srimad Bhagavata Purana, the traditional source for the story of Krishna's incarnation, is both for Indology specialists as well as students and those interested in Hinduism from the general reading public and the yoga community.

Dr. Fred LuskinAbout Dr. Fred Luskin
Dr. Luskin holds a Ph.D. in Counseling and Health Psychology from Stanford University. He is the Co-Director of the Stanford-Northern Ireland HOPE Project, an ongoing series of workshops and research projects that investigate the effectiveness of his forgiveness methods on the victims of political violence. He served as the Director of the Stanford Forgiveness Project, the largest research project to date on the training and measurement of a forgiveness intervention. He currently works as a Senior Fellow at the Stanford Center on Conflict and Negotiation.

Patrick Marius Koga, MD, MPHAbout Patrick Marius Koga, MD, MPH
A psychiatrist and a former political prisoner, torture survivor, and refugee from communist Romania, Marius professional interest focuses on the cultural, religious, and spiritual dimensions of PTSD in war refugees from Eastern Europe and the Middle East who have resettled in California. His spiritual path unfolds out of over two decades of practice of Advaita Vedanta, Zen Buddhism, martial arts and out of several years of monastic living as an initiated disciple of the Ramakrishna Order of India. For the past ten years Marius has also been promoting cultural, religious, and spiritual competencies in medical student education in various capacities such as Dean of International Medicine & Development, Cambridge Overseas Medical Training Programme, Cambridge, UK, Course Director for Transcultural Mental Health and Spirituality at Tulane School of Medicine in New Orleans, and currently as an Associate Clinical Professor of International Health at the UC Davis School of Medicine.  

Dr. Rami BlecktAbout Dr. Rami Bleckt
Rami Bleckt, PhD, Joytish consultant and teacher has been supervising an International School of Vedic Astrology for Russian speaking students since its establishing. This school has subsidiaries in Russia, Kazakhstan, Germany, Israel, Ukraine and Canada. Opportunities for distant learning are also provided for the people from all over the world. He is the author of several books on Vedic Astrology and according to many opinions, including Dr. David Frawley's, these books are among the best in the West. Rami has successfully conducted many thousands of private consultations.

Habib KhanAbout Habib Khan
Pandit Habib Khan is regarded as one of the best sitar player in the country today. He was born in a family of musicians and can trace his lineage back several generations. He began his training at tender age and has carved out a distinctive style which is a blend of his father's traditional techniques and his own imaginative inventions. Pandit Habib Khan is the director founder of Habib Khan School of Music and Om Music Circle . He lives and teaches in San Francisco Bay Area and has published many distinctive CDs of his music. He has performed extensively all over the US and in India.  

Swami SitaramanandaAbout Swami Sitaramananda
Swami Sitaramananda is a Yoga, Meditation, and Vedanta teacher for more than 30 years. She is presently the main teacher of the Yoga Teachers Training Courses offered at the Sivananda Ashram Yoga Farm, Grass Valley, CA where she is serving as the director for more then 17 years. She also teaches at other Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Ashrams & Centers in India, Bahamas, Asia, as well as Centers along the West Coast USA, including her birth country, Vietnam. She is a direct disciple of Swami Vishnu-devananda. She was nominated by her teacher as Goraknath acharya (spiritual teacher, one of the holders of the lineage) in 1989. Her lectures are based on the four classical paths of yoga as well as the 5 points of Health.