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Arrival: Friday, November 1
Departure: Saturday, November 2, 2013

Tuition: $20

Accommodation options for the 1 night stay, per person:
Tent - $50
Dorm (4 person) - $65
Cabin (2 person) - $85
Cabin (1 person) - $140
Deluxe Shared (3 person) - $95
Deluxe Shared (2 person) - $120
Deluxe Cabin (1 person) - $195

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Dates given are when you should plan to arrive and leave and may not be actual dates of instruction. All deposits and payments are non-refundable.

Learning to Forgive

Friday, November 1—Saturday, November 2, 2013



In the Forgive for Good workshop and class series Dr. Frederic Luskin presents the forgiveness training methodology that has been validated through six successful research studies conducted through the Stanford Forgiveness Projects.

Prior to the current surge in research interest the importance of practicing forgiveness was extolled in both religious and psychological traditions.  Recently, Dr. Luskin’s and other’s research has confirmed its virtues in the promotion of psychological, relationship and physical health.  Forgiveness has been shown to reduce anger, hurt, depression and stress and lead to greater feelings of optimism, hope, compassion and self confidence.

Dr. Luskin’s work combines lecture with a hands-on approach to the ancient tradition of forgiveness.  Participants explore forgiveness with the goal of reducing hurt and helplessness, letting go of anger and increasing confidence and hope as they learn how to release unwanted hurts and grudges. His presentations explore the HEAL process of forgiveness that, when learned, can lead to enhanced well-being through self-care. In class practice may include guided imagery, journal writing and discussion all presented in a safe and nurturing environment. Dr. Luskin holds a Ph.D. in Counseling and Health Psychology from Stanford University.

Schedule of Dr. Luskin's Workshops

Friday, Nov. 1st 12 - 4 pm