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The ashram boutique is open daily, offering an extensive selection of books and CDs, clothing for yoga classes, yoga mats, meditation cushions and shawls, mala beads, altar kits, other yoga related items, gifts and spiritual paintings. Certain food supplements, notebooks and toiletries are also available. The Health Hut offers natural snacks and drinks during courses.

The following list highlights some of the items available in the boutique.


Meditation and Mantras

"Meditation and Mantras" contains the key to the most priceless treasure man can own - intuitive wisdom. It is that which reflects pure inner light, gives purpose to life, and imparts a method for extricating man from his present less than perfect way of life. This is the most complete source on mantras, meditation and other techniques of self-inquiry readily available. It is a psychological study, a guide for practice and a source ofgreat learning. Written by the author of "The Complete Illustrated Book of Yoga", it reflects experiential knowledge devoid of a thousand inexperienced interpretations and an uncanny insight into the Western mind. "Meditation and Mantras" contains all techniques for understanding, and controlling the mind. Raja, Hatha, Karma, Kundalini, Jnana and Mantra Yoga are all discussed in detail. The Raja Sutras of Patanjali, the greatest psychologist of all time, are given in their entirety with commentary. Several modern methods are scrutinized. Lasting happiness and peace of mind are not found in the material world. They are found by turning within and exploring the depths of the heart and mind.

The Sivananda Companion to Yoga

A highly regarded organization for yoga studies and practices, the Sivananda Yoga Center created the first edition of the Sivananda Companion to Yoga in 1983. Since its publication, it has sold more than 700,000 copies worldwide and has become a standard text for both yoga students and teachers. Now with fresh, colorful pages throughout, the Sivananda Companion to Yoga remains the classic guide to yoga. With easy to follow instructions, inspiriational teaching, and detailed illustrations, this authoritative guide covers every aspect of the yoga lifestyle, including relaxation, exercise, dietary guidelines, breathing and meditation. Whether you're using it in conjunction with a class or on your own, the Sivananda Companion to Yoga can help you: -Develop a fit and beautiful body -Boost your energy and vitality at any stge of life -Reduce stress and experience greater peace of mind -Eat nutritiously and responsibly -Increase your powers of concentration and discipline Yoga is a journey toward physical and spiritual wellness. With this beautiful, bestselling guide in hand, you will experience the health, energy and vibrancy that yoga can bring into your life. Reccommended text for yoga teachers, students and those in the Sivannada Yoga Teacher's Training Course.

The Yoga Cookbook

The teachings of yoga advocate a vegetarian diet, with special emphasis on food that bring peace to body, mind and spirit. 'The Yoga Cookbook' contains more than 170 recipes prepared under the guidance of the world-renowned Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centers. Illistrated with more than sixty beautiful color photographs, these delicious, easy-to-prepare recipes have an international flavor. Begin the day with Citrus Slices with Poegranate Seeds and Carrot and Molasses Muffins. Savor Vegetable Ragout over brown rice, and still have room for a square of Gingerbread with Orange Butter Frosting. Serve Cinnamon Beans along with Herbed Polenta with Corn for an Italian-inspired feast. Treat yourself and those you love to Raisin Nut Balls, Banana-Nut Tart, or Chocolate Truffles. All are prepared with wholesome ingredients that increase vitality, energy, health and joy. Containing wheat-free recipes, guidance for vegans, and advice on buying, storing, and preparing the basic ingredients used in yogic cooking, and with special sections on feasts and fasts, "The Yoga Cookbook" brings this soul-satisfying, healing diet to experienced yoga studens and beginners alike. Recommended text for the Vegetarian Cooking Courses.

The Sivananda Yoga Training Manual

A comprehensive step-by-step manual for beginners as well as more advanced students of Yoga, including: - The 5 Points of Yoga - The 12 Basic Asnas - The Sun Salutation - Basic Yogic breathing techniques Recommended text for the Sivananda Yoga Teacher's Training Course and the Beginner's Yoga Course.

Shankara's Crest Jewel of Discrimination (Viveka-

"The Crest Jewel of Discrimination" is a classic Vedantic text by Adi Shankaracarya, one of the great sage-philosphers of India, who taught the profound non-dualistic philosphy of Advaita Vedanta. His words are alive and relevant today, as they were in his time. This poetic text introduces the basics of Advaita Vedanta philosphy and provides a practical guide to the process of of spiritual discrimination (Viveka, between the permanent and the impermanent, and the necessary tools for Self-inquiry. This edition from Vedanta Press has been translated by Swami Prabhavananda and Christopher Isherwood. This is a required text for the Vedanta and Silence course.

Sivananda Beginner's Guide to Yoga

This book teaches you the 12 basic asanas in 8 progressive classes, each providing a balanced yoga session to leave you feeling relaxed and full of energy. As well as detailed instructions, you will find a variety of extra information, including warm-ups, adaptations for those experiencing problems in acheiving full postures and posture variations. Packed with lifestyle tips on relaxation, diet, concentration and meditation, this book tells you all you need to know to begin practicing yoga at home. Everyone can practice yoga, regardless of age or religion, so why not start learning yoga now, and experience the benefits for yourself? Reccommended text for the Beginner's Yoga Course and the Sivananda Yoga Teacher's Training Course.

The Sivananda Companion to Meditation

The Sivananda Companion to Meditation outlines a simple step-by-step guide to practice meditation and shows you how to make it part of your every day routine. You will learn about the beneficial effects of meditation, including how this powerful art will help you to: - Reduce stress and experience greater clarity of mind - Treat health problems, ranging from depression and anxiety to insomnia and chronic pain - Develop your powers of concentration and positive thinking - Lead a more balanced life, and tune in with the 5-fold path, as taught by the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centers. The Sivananda Companion to Meditation is geared to beginners as well as those already experienced in the art of meditation. Regardless of your level, this book will help you to attain a state of profound clarity and serenity that will change your life.


We sell t-shirts, hand printed with our logo, yoga pants, assorted kurthas and punjabi suits from India, as well as sweatshirts, kid's t-shirts and other clothing items.

Malas and Jewelery

We sell rosewood, sandalwood, crystal and rudraksha malas (prayer beads), mala bracelets, and other assorted jewelery.

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